Expert to highlight how men and women are affected by gender issues


Karisma Sandoval

Michael Kimmel, professor of sociology and gender studies at Stony Brook-State University of New York, is one of the world’s leading experts on men and masculinity. He will discuss ideas and answer questions regarding feminism, men and masculinity with students in a March 24 lecture at Neeb Hall on the Tempe campus.

Dr. Kimmel, recently interviewed by The State Press, said one of the reasons he gives lectures to colleges is to get students talking about the societal gender issues that may affect their campus. “Every college campus is facing certain problems or issues that need to be discussed,” he said.

Sarah Tracy, professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, said Kimmel offers a platform for diversity and inclusion in his lecture.

“It’s really important for students, no matter what the demographic, to realize that gender issues are not just women’s issues or that race issues are not just the issue of marginalized groups,” Tracy stated in an interview with The State Press regarding Kimmel’s visit and lecture.

Tracy said she thinks students in the Hugh Downs school should be able to express their thoughts on these issues and she hopes students who may not agree with Kimmel's ideas will listen to a new point of view.

“If we can’t talk about difficult issues in a university setting and within a school of communication, it’s hard to know where we’re ever going to be able to talk about it,” she said. “The students in the Hugh Downs school have an open mind and are interested in seeing how we all play a role in creating just societies.”

Rose Weitz, a professor of women and gender studies at the School of Social Transformation at ASU, was also interviewed by The State Press regarding Kimmel. She said she heard Kimmel speak at ASU about 10 years ago and does not think of Kimmel as a radical or unconventional, but definitely considers him a feminist. “I think he is simply talking about things that most of us don’t remember to talk about,” she said.

Weitz said Kimmel’s lecture will highlight the issues surrounding men and expose students to a new perspective.

Kimme’s lecture, "Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era” is co-sponsored by The Association of Human Communication, the Hugh Downs School or Human Communication, and the School opf Social Transformation.

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(photo courtesy of The State Press)