Facilitating Structured Dialogue Groups: Characteristics of the Facilitator Role

A Transformation Project Group of Students under the guidance of Dr. Benjamin Broome will be presenting a panel on Facilitator Competencies.

Facilitator: Dr. Benjamin Broome

Group Presenters: Versha Anderson,  Bhoomika Bhagchandani, Luke Brenneman, Anna Marie Campbell, Yashu Chen, Tzu-Chiao Chen, Rosalie Fisher, Melissa Framer, Gladys Musaya, Qingqing Hu, Peng Pan, and Tara Suwinyattichaiporn (Arizona State University)

This workshop is part of the Democracy Conference 2015 sponsored by Arizona State University, ‘By the People': Participatory democracy, public engagement and citizenship education on December 3-5, 2015. The conference will bring together academics, students, practitioners, researchers, appointed and elected public officials, teachers, administrators, members of community organizations, and all those interested in participatory democracy, public engagement and citizenship education.

December 5, 2015
11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Farmer Building