HDSHC Professor Facilitates International Workshops

Professor Benjamin Broome put to use his intercultural communication and peacebuilding skills this summer, when he facilitated dialogue workshops for participants in the 2011 International Neighbourhood Symposium, organized by the Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University in Istanbul. He worked with a group of 25 young professionals from across the Black Sea Region, including participants from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and Greece. The focus of the symposium was on “Understanding the Common Neighbourhood – The Black Sea Region in Focus.” The aim of the symposium was to promote further understanding and cooperation in the Black Sea region and beyond by providing a forum for study, dialogue and networking in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment. This year the symposium was held on the historic island of Heybeliada near Istanbul. Professor Broome says of his experience: "It is a great privilege to work with a wonderful group of dedicated young people coming from such rich cultural and professional backgrounds. The issues they discussed are extremely complex, but they did not shy away from facing the plethora of challenges confronting the region in which they will be the future leaders. It was a demanding group, and we had to struggle with some hard issues, but they were able to engage in fruitful dialogue, proposing creative ideas and finding ways to work together effectively. I was especially honored to work closely with the director of CIES, Dr. Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, who is clearly a visionary person and is one of the primary actors in promoting dialogue and encouraging cooperation in the region. I look forward to continued collaboration in future projects."