Hugh Downs School Faculty and Graduate Students Receive Top Honors at National Convention

Six doctoral students and six faculty members of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication received Top Paper Awards at the National Communication Association’s (NCA) 104th Annual Convention, held in November 2018, in Salt Lake City.   

NCA is the largest academic association in the communication discipline.  

Thousands of papers are submitted to NCA from scholars across the country each year for consideration. Each paper is reviewed by scholars in the field, and rated based on merit. 

“The research and scholarship we are producing at the Hugh Downs School are among the best in the discipline,” said School Director and Professor, Linda Lederman.  “The fact that we have graduate students and faculty earning top papers, and presenting them at the conference, suggests that our work is more than competitive with top-notch communication scholars across the nation.” 

L-R: Associate ProfessorJeffrey T. Child, Kent State University, and Editor of the Journal of Family Communication posing with Article of the Year awardees Professor Michelle Miller-Day, Chapman University, Associate Professor YoungJu Shin, ASU, and Associate Professor Jonathan Pettigrew, ASU.  





L-R: Doctoral Students Cris Tietsort, Kelsey Abele, Nikki Truscelli, and Kevin Shufford.



Hugh Downs School Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies Benjamin Broome says communication conferences are an important part of the Ph.D. educational experience in a number of ways. “Students expand their knowledge about the discipline, gain ideas for their own research, and build networks that will serve them well throughout their career.”

Hugh Downs doctoral student Robert Razzante was the lead author on two Top Papers. He says these conferences offer him the chance to network with insightful scholars, students, and practitioners.

“I am able to meet new people who are up to great work in the world. Gaining inspiration from others allows me to rejuvenate my own motivation.” 

In addition to the panel presentations, Hugh Downs School graduate students and faculty also participate in the Graduate Fair, an opportunity for them to reunite with former students, as well as promote the school to prospective doctoral students. 

L-R: HDSHC Faculty: Assistant Professor Benny LeMaster, Director of Undergraduate Studies Belle Edson, School Director and Professor Linda C. Lederman, and Associate Director and Professor Paul Mongeau.

















The following are the Top Papers from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication:

TOP PAPERS IN GROUP COMMUNICATION: Alaina Zanin, Jessica Kamrath, and Steven Corman - "Bona Fide Group Perspective of Athletic Healthcare Teams and Concussion Reporting"

TOP FACULTY PAPERS IN INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: Robert Razzante - "Embracing Intersectionality in Co-Cultural and Dominant Group Theorizing: Implications for Theory, Research, and Pedagogy"

TOP FACULTY PAPERS IN INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: Benjamin Broome, Ian Derk, Robert Razzante, Elena Steiner, Jay Taylor, and Aaron Zamora - "Building an Inclusive Climate for Intercultural Dialogue: A Participant-Generated Framework"

TOP STUDENT PAPERS IN THE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING DIVISION: Robert Razzante - "Dialogic Approximations: Civil Dialogue® as a Pedagogical Tool to Engage Whiteness"

TOP PAPER SESSION FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION DIVISION: Pauline Cheong - "Civic engagement and the China smog crisis: Examining the implications of Internet censorship and surveillance, political attitudes, and social capital"

TOP STUDENT PAPERS IN THE THEATRE, FILM, AND NEW MULTI-MEDIA DIVISION: Kelsey Abele - "Diegetic Mirrors: Man in the High Castle's Dystopic Lookingglass for Modern America"

TOP PAPERS IN ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION DIVISION: Elissa Adame - "Encouraging Upward Ethical Dissent in Organizations: The Role of Deference to Embodied Expertise"

Additional Award: 

Journal of Family Communication 2017 Article of the Year Award - Choi, H. J., Miller-Day, M., Shin, Y., Hecht, M. L., Pettigrew, J., Krieger, J. L., ., Graham, J. W. (2017). Parent Prevention Communication Profiles and Adolescent Substance Use: A Latent Profile Analysis and Growth Curve Model. Journal of Family Communication, 17, 15-32.