Hugh's Angels


Lynne MacDonald

Hugh's Angels took flight during a traditional graduate student "board game night" marathon. Feeling particularly grateful to Hugh, a group of Hugh Downs School graduate students began with the slogan "Praise Hugh!!" This quickly evolved into the mantra for new and returning graduate students. During another graduate student board game night in the fall 0f 2016, doctoral student James Stein suggested that the Hugh Downs school start a grad student softball team to play in a Tempe co-ed softball league. Referencing the hit 70's show "Charlie's Angels" and drawing from the "Praise Hugh" slogan, Hugh's Angels was born!

The team members included the following Hugh Downs School graduate students, with a few significant others: Carlos Flores, Kat Hanna, Shaun Hennings, Sarah Jones, Austin Markwell, Bailey Oliver, Colter Ray. Rob Razzante, Aaron Sanchez, Jordan Simpson, James Stein, Megan Towels ,Nikki Truscelli, and Lisa van Raalte.

Hugh's Angels video