'Incomunicado’: How the University Participates in Settler Colonialism

Please join us for a talk and discussion with Professor Michael Lechuga of the University of New Mexico.

About this Event

Throughout the spring 2021 semester, leading communication scholars and artists will join the ASU community to imagine different worlds, different relational formations and a different university. Centering the pervasiveness of anti-Black racism, xenophobic violence and fascist growth animating the context constituted as “now,” we have nothing left but to imagine something and somewhere else.

Something humane.

Something liberatory.

Something different.

We invite you to join us in Imagining a Different University!

Dr. Michael Lechuga researches and teaches culture, settler colonial studies, Latina/o/x studies, rhetoric and affect studies. His latest book, Alien Affects, illuminates the complex relationships between Hollywood alien invasion film industries and the technologies used to securitize the México/U.S. border. The book explores how settler colonial logics persist in border security mechanisms that subject migrant communities to violence, imprisonment and death. In general, his research focuses on the role that technology, language and media play in organizing settler colonial logics in the US and how alienhood is mapped onto bodies through contemporary media and surveillance practices.

His book, Alien Affects: Trafficking Technologies of Visibility through the Settler Citizenship Assemblage, is forthcoming with the University Press of Mississippi.


Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
Amira de la Garza
Mar 05 2021 - 1:00pm