Intern in Washington D.C.

Arizona State University partners with The Washington Center in Washington, DC, to offer full-time, semester-long internships with a wide variety of organizations in the nation’s capital.  Students in any major are eligible for a Washington Center internship.  A small sample of potential internship sites includes:

* The Smithsonian Institution                 * Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

* Department of Defense                        * National Education Association

* U.S. Department of Commerce           * American Psychological Association

* C-SPAN                                                    * National Park Service

* Federal Marshall’s Program                * Council of State Governments

* INTERPOL                                               * US Senate and House of Representatives

* Peace Corps                                           * U.S. Small Business Administration

* The Jane Goodall Institute                  * Leadership Africa

* Departments of Health and Human Services; Food and Drug Administration; the Interior;

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