The NATO Alliance in the 21st Century

CSC and ASU NROTC Public Event Lecture

The Center for Strategic Communication is proud to partner with the ASU Naval ROTC Battalion to bring a representative from NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation to campus to speak on the NATO Alliance in the 21st Century.

Brigadier General Roy Hunstok was born in 1956 and began his military career with the Norwegian Army as an instructor and platoon commander in the Packhorse Company of Brigade North. Upon graduation from the Norwegian Sports College he served as a PT officer for three years then was assigned as Assistant S-3 in Infantry Battalion No. 2 of Brigade North.

Following nine years assigned to the Engineer Battalion of Brigade North, where he ultimately served as Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Hunstok attended the Norwegian Staff College and subsequently served as Assistant G-3 at 6th Division, ACOS Chief Ops in Land Command North Norway and ACOS Joint Ops Division at Joint HQ North Norway. Brigadier General Hunstok has also served in UNIFIL/Lebanon, UNMOGIP/India-Pakistan and as G-3 of the Nordic Polish Brigade in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Brigadier General Hunstok was posted to SHAPE in 2001 where he served as SO Force Structures in the Policy & Requirements Division and acted as the NATO Response Force (NRF) Coordinator. He assumed the chairmanship of the Deployable Forces Coordination Group in February 2004 and was in charge of NRF development and implementation on behalf of SACEUR and SACT.

After his duties at SHAPE, Brigadier General Hunstok was posted to Lisbon and established the Operational Preparation Directorate (OPD). As Director OPD he was in charge of training coordination and the preparation of incoming NRF rotations, focusing on the evaluation of JFCs, DJSEs and the Component Commands during their training periods and exercises.

Following his three years with OPD, he was posted to HQ SACT, where he is currently serving as Director of the Deployable Forces Integrated Project Team. Brigadier General Hunstok was awarded the NATO Meritorious Service Medal in July 2009.

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April 18, 2012
Schwada Building (SCOB)