Storyscope - Spring Series 2019: Journeys

February 28, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

The Empty Space (ASU) – 970 E. University (APMA Bld), Tempe

Admission is Free.  Register HERE

Who We Are ~ Storyscope is coordinated by volunteers who are passionate about the time-honored art of storytelling. We welcome people of all ages and stripes to share their personal stories with one another as a way to build bridges, celebrate cultures, and strengthen communities. No storytelling experience required (just life experience)! 

What We Do ~ We create story circle events for the general public and for small groups (schools, places of worship, neighborhood centers, cultural collectives, associations, etc.). 

What is a Story Circle? In a Story Circle, people come together to explore a common theme in a spirit of equity and belonging. As each person takes a turn and shares his or her unique lived experience and perspective on the theme, a larger, richer, and a more complex story emerges. The things that our stories have in common, as well as real differences, are brought to light. A Story Circle is like a kaleidoscope of human experience – what’s reflected back to us is illuminating and ever-changing, with multiple dimensions, twists, and turns.

The theme for spring 2019: Journeys.  A journey can be understood as a passage, an excursion, a crossing, an adventure, a visit, or even a form of wandering. We invite you to share a story about a past journey, or a journey you hope to take in the future.  Or, a story about a journey that taught you an important lesson.  No need to prepare stories in advance. As part of the event, we’ll show participants how to develop stories on the spot.

The Empty Space Theater is located in the ASU Media and Arts Building, at the corner of Rural Rd and E University Dr. (By Buffalo Wild Wings) in Tempe.


John Genette:, 480-595-9292

or Jennifer Linde:, 480-727-6763


7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
The Empty Space Theater