Surviving Anti-Asian Racism During COVID-19

Voice anti-Asian experiences during COVID-19 through story. Let's think about Asian America as a coalition. It's more than just an identity.

During this past year, as Asian Americans, we have had to live with globally reaching news of anti-Asian hate crimes and pervasive invisibility or denial of these crimes' racially-motivated undertones. In daily life, we have had to face the uncertainty of budding wariness, aversion or latent violence toward people perceived as Asian, who are often saddled with the blame for a global pandemic.

Whether we have had to personally maneuver around these building dynamics, or worriedly watch loved ones do the same, how might we also think about supporting each other across state lines, generational gaps and cultural origins? As Eugene Lee Yang suggests, 'If we are going to take back control over our story as Asian Americans, we have to find and share the words that will fill the silence that will no longer define us.'

We invite you to join in this Storyscope event, where we share stories in intimately sized groups called story circles. Through hearing each other's stories, how might we think about Asian America as a coalition, rather than (just) an identity, and begin the generative work of coalition-building across ethnicities, and the diversity that we house within all of us?


How might we also build a new future, through cultivating allyship across political and identity positionings, within ourselves and across other marginalized populations? How might we also let those in privileged positions better know how they can stand with us?

We invite anyone interested in doing the above to enter an intimate space where we can hear each other, support each other and develop emergent healing rituals based on the needs that are voiced.

This event is free, but if you'd like to financially support Asian American advocacy, please consider donating to the National Asian Pacific American's Women Forum

or to Asian Americans Advancing Justice

To learn more about the Storyscope Project or the Storyscope format, please visit: 

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
Lauren Mark
Apr 17 2021 - 5:00pm