We strive to achieve excellence in research, education and creative endeavors
in the complex role of human communication in everyday life.

Top 10 Communication Program for Undergraduate or Graduate Study

Our distinguished school is where exciting new knowledge about communication is being created and ranks among the field's leaders in national standing and research.

We are a top-tier school, based upon 21 different ranking criteria (National Research Council):

  • 13 out of 83 in Program Reputation
  • 11 out of 83 in Diversity
  • 35 out of 83 in Research

Our top-rated doctoral program is ranked 12 out of 60 programs based on the number of faculty citations and publications and the number of faculty in our program. (Allen, et. al., 2012)

Top 10 Leading Research Program in:

#2 – Interpersonal Communication
#3 – Marriage and Intimacy, Sexuality
#5 – Organizational Communication
#5 – Theory
#6 – Intercultural Communication
#6 – Emotion
#8 – Family Communication
#10 – Research Methods
#11 – Health Communication
#12 – Race/Ethnicity

Research and Initiatives

Center for Strategic Communication

The Center for Strategic Communication promotes advanced research, teaching and public discussions of the role of strategic communication in the public sector, connecting what we know about persuasion, social influence, message campaigns, and critical strategies.

Civil, Critical, and Creative Communication

Civil, Critical and Creative Communication mobilizes resources from rhetoric, performance, and critical-cultural studies to explore the intersections of civil, critical, and creative communication.

Health Communication Initiative

The Health Communication Initiative explores the complexities of health communication in an increasingly global world and provides guidance and locally-specific solutions on how to influence effective health-related communication.

The Transformation Project

The Transformation Project focuses on communicatively transforming lives and relationships at all levels of human interaction, promoting creative change processes that encourage healthy communication patterns, collaborative group behavior, and equitable forms of social organization

The Empty Space

The Empty Space is a performance venue that features scholarship developed by students and faculty. Performance projects foster theoretical and practical explorations of performance and performativity with a humanistic focus on social discourse.


The Intercultural Communication and Global Engagement Interest Group (ICGlobal) promotes communication research, teaching, and practice that advance knowledge and competencies for living and working in our increasingly diverse and connected world.