Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's in Communication

Looking to speed up the time it takes to receive your degrees? Want to learn the advanced communication skills necessary to compete and succeed in the current job market? Our accelerated program allows you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time and less money.


 BA or BS in Communication (online or immersion)

  Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, at the time of application and through completion of undergraduate degree requirements.

 Minimum 75 credits to apply. Minimum 90 credits to start shared coursework (senior year, and be admitted to the Accelerated Program). Please note that courses are shared only during the last two semesters of your undergraduate studies (traditionally known as your senior year). 

 Students admitted to the Accelerated Program must maintain a 3.0 GPA for all coursework on the graduate plan of study (including shared 400-level courses) and all 500-level coursework.

Timeline and Steps to Apply

Step 1: Meet with your undergraduate advisor to discuss the Accelerated Program. You are encouraged to schedule and attend this meeting no later than the first semester of your third (junior) year. Appointments can be made by visiting your MyASU page and clicking on the Advising tab.

Step 2: Submit the Accelerated Program Agreement/pre-application.

Step 3: After you have received approval, schedule a meeting with the Director of the Online MA graduate program Raena Quinlivan, PhD.

Step 4: Submit your MA program application for the semester following undergraduate graduation. After this step, you will formally be considered a graduate student.

Applications open for Fall Semester on September 1 and for Spring Semester on February 1* (see example below).  

*Example: If you are supposed to start your graduate program in Fall 2024, you can apply for graduate college starting September 1, 2023.

Likewise, if you are supposed to start your graduate program in Spring 2025, you can submit your application for graduate college starting February 1, 2024.  

Questions about this can be directed to the Director of the Online MA program, Raena Quinlivan, PhD.

Required Online Graduate Application Materials

Graduate Admissions Application and Fee:  After acceptance of the Accelerated Program Agreement/pre-application, submit a degree-seeking Graduate Admissions application online ( for the Online MA in Communication. You will remain an undergraduate student until your BS or BA graduation.

Resume:  Yes. Please include relevant employment and volunteer experience.

Statement of Purpose:  1-2 pages; explain why you are a good candidate for this program and your goals after graduate school.

International Applicants:  International Accelerated Program applicants must meet the English proficiency requirement or qualify for an exemption.

Shared Courses Information

Number of Shared Courses Allowed

Up to 4 courses (12 credits). See the list of shared course options below. Please note that you cannot receive Accelerated Program credit for courses you previously took before being admitted into the Accelerated Program.

Shared Course Levels Allowed

2 courses (6 credits) @ 400-level and 2 courses (6 credits) @ 500-level

Required GPA in Shared Courses

Cumulative GPA for the entire BA or BS must remain at 3.0 or higher

Shared Course Options**

Two Courses (6 credits) from the following 400-levels:

COM 400/403: Intercultural Business Communication

COM 452: Communication and the Art of Happiness

COM 430: Leadership in Group Communication  

Two Courses (6 credits) from the following 500-levels:

COM 504: Theories and Models in Communication

COM 501: Research Methods in Communication

**This list is a sample of shared course options. Additional course offerings may be available; reach out to your advisor for more information.


If I am accepted into an Accelerated Program but do not want to pursue the master’s program, do I still receive my bachelor’s diploma?

Yes, as long as you have completed all the requirements to graduate from your undergraduate program, you will still receive your bachelor’s degree.

Once I finish my bachelor’s program, can I take a break before starting the master’s portion of the Accelerated Program?

No, for this accelerated program students must immediately begin the master’s program after they graduate with their bachelor’s degree.

If I am an online student, am I eligible for an on-ground Accelerated Program?

No. This program allows for an online or immersion BA or BS in Communication to Online MA in Communication. If you are an international student or a veteran student, please be sure to reach out to Financial Aid to ensure a modality shift has no academic or financial implications.

Is there one combined graduation ceremony for Accelerated Program accelerated students?

No, there are two separate ceremonies for graduation. The bachelor’s ceremony is separate from the master’s ceremony.

Contact Information


Contact: The HDSHC Advisors

Phone number: 480-965-5095


Contact: Raena Quinlivan, PhD