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The interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Communication is designed to prepare scholars for research-oriented careers in universities and in the public or private sectors. Graduate students in The Hugh Downs School have engaged in a variety of research topics.

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Resource Articles:

The following scholarly articles are a resource on various topics of interest to graduate students in the discipline:

The Critical Lede (podcasts featuring communication, theories, articles)

What to Tell Your Grad Students

Profiles of Practice: Career paths with PhD in Communication

Searching for a Tenure Track Job: The Advice from Harvard (pdf version)

Parsing the Decision Letter (pdf version)

The Rejection Letter (pdf version)

Time Management (pdf version)

Network for Grad Students (pdf version)

Advice for Grad Students and their Advisors (pdf version)

Changing the Way We Socialize Doctoral Students (pdf version)

Some Publishing Advice for Grad Students (pdf version)

Average Faculty Salaries Across Disciplines and Ranks (pdf version)

Research source - The Big Project

Getting Students to Talk (pdf version)

Books/Special Issues Associated with Emotions and Organizations

The Anatomy of Influence

Shame in Academic Writing