A team of undergraduate students from ASU came in second place and received $3,000 in prize money in a competition to address both hate speech and related violence, sponsored by ASU’s McCain Instit

As awareness of racial injustice has broadened this spring and summer, reading lists have been shared to help increase people's understanding of our nation's past and present — including one in Ari

The COVID-19 pandemic has required everyone to adjust — students, families, employees and business owners.

When asked to lend his name to the communication school at ASU in 1999, Hugh Downs admitted he was overwhelmed.

“I about fell over,” he said at an ASU event in 2013.

In the midst of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests and a reenergized focus on creating more inclusive, equitable environments, many are seeking out more resources on race, history, culture and g

Hugh Downs frequently heard himself introduced as “a legend in broadcasting” — an accolade he was quick to wave away.

There was no pandemic when National Handshake Day was conceived.

As the death toll from the coronavirus continues to rise, Americans in search of information are getting mixed messages from both the medical and political communities.

Do you want to get ahead in your degree? Are you debating graduate school?

As Arizona State University’s largest and most diverse college, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers courses that nearly every ASU student takes at some point in their college jour

Each year, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University recognizes exceptional teaching that inspires intellectual curiosity and academic excellence with the Zebulon Pearce

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