Hugh Downs

February 14, 1921 – July 1, 2020.

Studying and improving communication in everyday life...


We are the Hugh Downs School



At the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, we explore the complex role of human communication in everyday life.
As a student in our school, you will learn how to communicate effectively whether with one person or large and diverse groups.
Our communication courses will provide you with the tools to understand, analyze and respond to communication problems
and opportunities, including interpersonal relationships, workplace teams, and community, civic and cultural groups.

Discover how the careers of today, and tomorrow, are built on human communication
and how our program can prepare you for an ever-changing world.

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What We Study

Our school is internationally recognized for scholarly excellence in the study of communication. We strive to achieve excellence in research, education and creative endeavors in the complex role of human communication in everyday life.


Our faculty are well known for their cutting-edge methodologies and innovative research and have developed transdisciplinary strategic initiatives to address the most pressing global communication issues of our time.

Degree Programs

The national renown of our dynamic faculty, our first-class programs, and the success of our students exemplify the finest in higher education. Pursue a degree that offers a thriving future in the exciting world of communication.

Discover why Communication is ranked as the 2nd best college major
and one of the top five most sought after career skills...

Why study here?


Communication Summer Study Abroad Program!

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication summer study abroad program is one of the most popular faculty-directed programs at ASU....

Advising information

Our academic advisors help students successfully transition to the university and make progress towards their educational goals and graduation....

Applications for the fall internship program are still open!

Applications for the fall internship course are still open.

If you have completed COM 308, and would like to do an...

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