Ian Derk
Dissertation: A New Kind of Community Belonging and Community Formation through Community Radio in South Phoenix
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Pauline Cheong
Instructor, CISA, Language and Cultures, ASU

Anya Hommadova Lu 
Dissertation: Nonverbal Immediacy and Similarity Effects on Initial Intrercultureal Interaction: First Impressions of U.S. and Middle Eastern Students
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Laura Guererro, Judith Martin

Position: Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

Lauren Mark
Dissertation: Bringing Asian Epistemologies to Western Contexts: A Relational Approach in Times of Crisis
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Amira de la Garza
Committee: Loretta LeMaster, Gregory Wise, David Carlson
Position: Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture, SUNY New Paltz

Corey Reutlinger
Dissertation: Towards a game theoretic analysis for the study of disability microaggressions as a communicative phenomenon

Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Amira de la Garza
Committee: Jess Alberts, Nicolas Lanchier, and James Cherney

Position: Instructor, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, ASU

Kevin Shufford
Fitness Clients’ Experiences of Self-Expansion by Working with a Certified Personal Trainer
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Bradley Adame
Position: Residential Faculty at Glendale Community College

Cris Tiestort
Dissertation: Compassionate leadership at work: Cultivating compassion by reducing uncertainty, emphasizing personal well-being, and aligning compassionate actions
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Elissa Adame, Sarah Tracy
Position: Assistant Professor, University of Denver

Rikki Tremblay
Dissertation: The Fermentation Orientation: Cultivating a Microbial Methodology of Creative Inquiry!
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Amira de la Garza
Committee: Loretta LeMaster, Irena Praitis
Position: Instructor, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, ASU

Ashley Wheeler
Dissertation: Remembering a Nation’s Historic Property: Ambiguities, Opportunities, and Poetries in the National Historic Preservation Act
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer 
Position: Santa Fe Bicentennial & National Historic Trails Outreach Fellow for NPS National Trails, American Conservation Experience


Kelsey Abele
Dissertation: The Man in the High Castle or the History that Never Happened: The Conflation of Alternative History, Memory, and Ideology
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer
Position: Assistant Professor, West Texas A & M Univerisity

Bhoomika Bhagchandani
Dissertation: The Effects of a Visual Disability on Marital Relationships
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Jeffrey W. Kassing
Position: Senior User Experience Researcher, Pandemic Professors

Katrina Hanna
Dissertation: Neoliberal Dis/Investments at a Charter School Teaching the Whole Child
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer, Aaron Hess
Position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Robert Razzante
Dissertation:  Communicatively Co-Constituting Pathways of an Inclusive Workplace: A Participant-Driven Methodology
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Benjamin Broome, Sarah Tracy
Position: Visting Assistant Professor, College of Wooster

Michael Tristano, Jr.
Dissertation: After the 49: Pulse's Performative Afterlife
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer
Position: Assistant Professor, Towson University

Nikki Truscelli 
Dissertation: Couples' Conflict through an Attachment Lens: A Brief, Theory-Driven Writing Intervention
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Paul Mongeau
Position: Project Manager, National Institute of Aging, how technology use benefits older adults, University of California, Santa Barbara

Erin Zamora
Dissertation: Buried Under Dodger Blue: Racial Rhetorical Criticism, Public Memory, and Fernandomania
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer
Position: Lecturer, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo


Matt Donovan
Dissertation: Pop-up hacktivism: A case study of organizational, pharmaceutical, and biohacker narratives
Innovation Development Manager and Strategist, MedImpact Healthcare

Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Tracy
Position: MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Brandon Ferderer
Dissertation: Tumbling through Space in a Gold Box" Reconceptualizing New Communication Technologies as Atmospheric
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer
Position: Instructor, Arizona State University

Rosalie Fisher
Dissertation: Film and Emotional Contagion: Audiencing, Witnessing, and Performing the Lingua Franca of Compassion
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Eric Margolis
Position: Instructor, Arizona State University

Sarah Jones
Dissertation: Breast/milk as (In)visible Currency: Alternative Organizing, Inequality Regimes, and Corporeal Commodification in the Milk Banking Industry
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Tracy

Position: Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Karlee Posteher
Dissertation: Winning the recruiting game: The student-athlete perspective
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Paul Mongeau, Jeffrey Kassing
Position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Monterey

Summer Preston
Dissertation: Bearing the Weight of Healthism: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Women's Health, Fitness & Body Image in the Gym

Chair of Dissertation Committee: Linda Lederman
Position: Online Faculty Adjunct, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, ASU West

Nandita Sabnis
Dissertation: Mediated Transnational Communication: Digital Technology Use and Transnational Communication Practices of Resettled Refugees
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Pauline Cheong
Position: Sr. UX Researcher, USAA Contract

Sophia Town
Dissertation: Slowing Down to Speed Up: An Exploration of Leader's Mindfulness-Based Paradox Management
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah Tracy
Position: Assistant Professor, Fordham University


Carlos Flores
Dissertation: Young at Heart: Advocating a Rhetorical Theory for Youth in the Public Sphere
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brouwer
Position: Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Qingqing Hu
Dissertation: Cultural Values, Connection, and Participatory Cultural Divide: Chinese Generation Cohort Differences in Adoption and Use of WeChat
Chair of Dissertation: Pauline Cheong
Position: Faculty, Northwest University in Xi'An, China

Jessica Kamrath
Dissertation: The Social Construction and Reciprocity of Resilience: An Empirical Investigation of an Organizational Context
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Sarah J. Tracy
Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton

Yanqin Liu
Dissertation: Exploring Factors Influencing Chinese American Older Adults' Intentions to Plan for End-of-Life Care
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Anthony Roberto
Position: Research Scientist, North Mountain Consulting Group, LLC

Bailey Oliver
Dissertation: Blended Family Resilience: Communication Practices in Positive Adult Half Sibling Relationships
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Jess Alberts

Position: Assistant Professor, The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Colter Ray
Dissertation: Effects of Message Planning on Support Message Effectiveness, Nonverbal Behaviors, and Supporter Stress and Anxiety
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Benjamin Broome, Sarah Tracy

Position: Director of the Human Communication Laboratory,
San Diego State University

James Stein
Dissertation: Incorporating Social Network Variables into Relational Turbulence Theory: Popping the Dyadic Bubble
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Paul Mongeau
Position: Assistant Professor, Interpersonal Curriculum Director, Dixie State University

Alaina Veluscek
Dissertation: Military Couples' Communication During Deployment: A Proposed Expansion of Affection Exchange Theory
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Laura 
Position: Lecturer, Mississippi State University


Versha Anderson
Dissertation: Understanding Intercultural Transitions and Migrant-Host Relationships: How Empathy, Social Support, and Intercultural Competency Facilitate Positive Intercultural Interactions Between German Citizens and Refugees
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Jess Alberts, Benjamin Broome
Position: Paradise Valley Community College

Luke Brenneman
Dissertation: You Had to Be There: Extending Intergroup Contact Theory to Positive Contexts through a Participant-Centered Analysis of Fans' Experiences at the Olympics
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Jess Alberts, Benjamin Broome
Position: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Global Sports Institute, ASU

Yashu Chen
Dissertation: Civic Engagement within China: Explore the Influence of Social Network Sites Use, Media Exposure, Internet Censorship, Political Attitudes and Social Capital
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Pauline Cheong
Position: Lecturer, California State University, San Marcos

Matthew Nolen
Dissertation: The Theory of Narrative Conflict
Chair of Dissertation Committee: Steven Corman
Position: Lead Instructor, Grand Canyon University

Lisa van Raalte
Dissertation: The Influence of Cuddling on Relational Health for Cohabitating Couples
Chairs of Dissertation Committee: Kory Floyd, Paul Mongeau
Position: Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University