This university-wide degree program enables students to create interdisciplinary specialties that prepare them for careers in a world that increasingly bridges academic disciplines. Students pursue two subject-area concentrations that represent academic interests they wish to integrate into a meaningful program. A four-course core offers students the intellectual tools to identify connections between their concentrations and engage in interdisciplinary problem-solving. Students who choose communication as one of their subject area concentrations must take 18 semester hours of courses as listed below. A minimum of 9 hours of ASU resident credit is required, including 6 hours of upper-division courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A "C" minimum grade is required in all classes in the communication area of concentration.

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)


COM100 Introduction to Human Communication, 3 hours
COM225 Public Speaking, 3 hours
COM259 Communication in Business and the Professions, 3 hours
COM (4 upper-division Communication courses), 12 hours