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Financial Resources


Assistantships carry a compensatory stipend for services rendered, including activities that are relevant to each student’s own program of study, and contribute to ASU’s teaching and research effort. Graduate assistantships for doctoral students include a $16,000 stipend for the academic year. These packages may also include a tuition waiver and health insurance. Assistants must be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours each semester (audit hours do not count towards the six-hour minimum). Students must indicate their interest in the supplemental application (submitted with the online admissions application). An additional application form is not necessary.

Teaching Assistants (T.A.) have primary responsibility in an instructional capacity. Services provided by a graduate teaching assistant may include lecturing, leading discussion groups, serving as assistants to laboratory classes, and grading tests and papers.

Research Assistants (R.A.) are selected for excellence in scholarship and promise as researchers. They perform part-time research as a portion of their training under the direct supervision of regular faculty members.  

Arizona State University is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), which sets an April 15th deadline for acceptance of financial support (such as graduate scholarships, fellowships or assistantships).

Financial Resources for Graduate Study:

The Hugh Downs School Fellowships and Awards:

Additional Sources:

  • Academic Research and Grants Information System (ARGIS) provides up-to-date information on federal and private sources of grants, fellowships, scholarships, contracts, and awards to colleges, universities, research centers, and individuals. ARIS also publishes reports covering the arts, humanities, and sciences.
  • The Illinois Researcher Information Services (IRIS) a unit of the University of Illinois, compiles databases of funding opportunities and maintains a library of publications from over 7,000 funding agencies. These databases contain records on federal and non-federal funding opportunities in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. ASU is a subscriber and anyone can sign on to the server, as long as they do so with an asu.edu email address.

Diversity Support Programs