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Research Collaboratives

Health Communication Initiative (HCI)

This initiative examines the complexities of health communication in an increasingly global world and provides solutions to improve health-related communication.

Contact: Associate Professor Bradley Adame

Bradley Adame





I4C Collective

The I-4C Collective mobilizes resources from rhetoric, performance, and critical-cultural studies to explore the intersections of civil, critical, and creative communication. 

Contact Associate Professor Daniel Brouwer

Daniel Brouwer





The Transformation Project

This project focuses on transforming lives and relationships at all levels of human interaction.  It encourages healthy communication patterns and collaborative group behavior.

 Contact Professor Sarah Tracy

Sarah Tracy






Intercultural Communication and Global Engagement (ICGlobal)

ICGlobal promotes communication research, teaching, and practice that advance knowledge and competences for living and working in our increasingly diverse and connected world. 

Contact: Associate Professor YoungJu Shin

YoungJu Shin






Center for Strategic Communication

This center promotes advanced research, teaching and public discussions of the role of strategic communication in the public sector.

Contact Professor Steven Corman

Steven Corman






 The Empty Space

Our performance venue features scholarship developed by students and faculty.  These projects foster theoretical and practical explorations of performance and performativity. 

Contact Jennifer Linde

Jennifer Linde