Empty Space Season 2010-2011

From Another World, Music from RebbeSoul
September 2
The music performed was inspired by the songs of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, one of the greatest spiritual teachers in the last 100 years. RebbeSoul says, "this is my humble performance of his profoundly simple yet deeply spiritual music that truly alludes to something From Another World."

Civil Dialogue
September 27, October 4
In a CD session, volunteer participants consider a provocative statement and have the opportunity to embody a position on the statement ranging from “agree strongly” to “disagree strongly.” Participants are asked to follow guidelines for civility that are explained by the facilitator. The dialogue is then extended to the broader audience who are encouraged to respond with their own opinions and questions. Civil Dialogue is informed by rhetorical criticism and theories of performance and provides an innovative tool for productive citizen communication. For more information visit Civil-Dialogue.org

The Empty Space Open Mic and Poetry Slam
October 6, November 3
The Empty Space Open Mic and Poetry Slam was organized and hosted by Kevin Briancesco with assistance from Shelby White. This ongoing event featured invited local and national artists who participate in national poetry slam competitions. Audience members were invited to perform their own work.

November 5
Cornucopia is an annual performance/reading hour featuring faculty, graduate students, and staff. Participants of the 2010. Cornucopia included Lynne MacDonald, Kevin Briancesco, Dan Brouwer, Brandon Ferderer, Amy Pearson, Jennifer Linde, Sarah Tracy, Amira De la Garza, Terrie Wong, Roberta Chevrette, Leslie Ramos Salazar.

Blackout, written, directed, and performed by Brittany Roa
November 12
Blackout offered an introspective look into one woman's experience with suicide, alcoholism, and depression. It was presented by the ASU chapter of To Write Love on Her Arms and the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

The Performance Studies Undergraduate Showcase
December 3
This event featured students from the following communication courses: COM 194, Communication and Creativity COM 241, Oral Interpretation of Literature COM 341, Performances in Social Contexts COM 442, Identity, Performance, and Human Communication.

ASU Forensics Fall Showcase
December 5
ASU Forensics students shared their award-winning performances. Director of Forensics is Adam Symonds.

February 4-12
"(Im)Migration" was a multi-media installation designed to encourage public conversations about the complex human experience of migration. The installation was a collaborative project between ASU and several community arts groups. Co-organizers Amira De la Garza and Jennifer Linde worked with Chris Danowski (curator) of Phoenix’s Theater in My Basement and Marco Allbaran of Calaca Cultural Arts to draw together performers, artists, speakers and musicians to provide a layered and participative museum-like experience for audience members.

Participating Artists:
Marco Albarran, director of Calaca Cultural Center

Border Justice Wall serves as a social art installation, as it provides a symbolic graphic representation of the barrier that separates two neighboring nations, the U.S. and Mexico. Artists that have work on the panels representing the Border Justice Wall: Annie Lopez, Cynthia Moreno, Francisco Banuelos, Jef Falk, Juliet DeLaRosa, Marco Albarran, Marcos Galaviz, Marcus Zillioux, Maricela Reed, Marina Mesquita, Nartin Moreno, Oliverio Balcells, Pablo Luna, Rene Portillo, Rosie Villegas, Ruben Galicia, Tavo Barrios, Tlisza Jaurique, Victor Caldee, Macehualli Labor Center’s workers, ASU West students and faculty, Amnesty International, and many others that have remained anonymous.

Elizabeth (Liz) Cantu: (Im)migrant Voices
Amira De la Garza (with assistance from Christina Shaw): Vanished Civilizations
Amira De la Garza with Marivel Danielson: Aduana the Customs Agent
Zarco Guerrero: Face to Face in a Frenzy
a public mural by Martin Moreno
Jeremy Omori: Together We Stand, We (Must) Stand Together
Wilana White-Coyote: the New Ghost Dance
Marie-Louise Paulesc: Artifacts of Citizenship
Chema Salinas: Is that some kind of Spanish name, boy?

Featured Presentations:
Music by Trio Destina
A discussion with immigration attorney, Delia Salvatierra
Eddie Gamboa: "-"
Erica Ocegueda: "I Am(erica)"
Civil Dialogue
facilitated by Jennifer Linde and John Genette, topic: The Dream Act
Karma Chavez: Migrant and Queer Belonging: Coalitional moments in the U.S. Public Sphere
Saviana Stanescu: Aliens With Extraordinary Skills (writing the immigrant experience)

The Encyclopedia Show, Arizona
February 25 (BEARS), March 25 (THE MOON), April 30 (COLORS)
Brought to the Empty Space by "The Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene" and curators Aaron Johnson and Scott Boras, with fact checker Ben Horowitz! The Encyclopedia Show is a multi-genre, age-integrated presentation of creative performances on a central theme taken from an ACTUAL encyclopedia. It is probably best to think of it as part open mic, part variety show! Each performer is assigned a specific subset of the central theme on which to write and perform. Thus, The Encyclopedia Show is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists from many artistic disciplines to focus their individual talents toward the noble endeavor of delivering you knowledge in a fun and creative format. Learn more about this world-wide event at encyclopediashow.com.

A stage reading of Sweet Chariot, by Elaine Kessler
April 6
Sweet Chariot is a 5 person ethnographic exploration of bipolar disorder and its impact on those diagnosed with the illness and their support systems. The work is informed by 20 narratives from people impacted by the illness. The piece illustrates multiple view points regarding the stigma around the illness with the stigma as a disputed phenomenon. The play intends to generate access to resources by highlighting the possibilities of treatment and the benefits of wider support. The staged reading was followed by a discussion of the play. The staged reading was co-sponsored by the ASU chapter of To Write Love on Her Arms participants including Bekki Maggenheim, Elaine Kessler, Amy Pearson, John Genette, Victoria Perkins and others.

ASU Forensics Spring Showcase
April 22 and 23
The ASU Forensics team shared performances from national competitions where they were ranked 12th in the nation. Director of Forensics is Adam Symonds.

The Performance Studies Undergraduate Showcase
April 29
This event featured students from the following communication courses: COM241, Oral Interpretation of Literature; COM442, Identity, Performance, and Human Communication

The Kristin Bervig Scholarship in Performance Studies was presented to Eddie Gamboa. The Dessie E. Larsen Graduate Fellowship in Performance Studies was presented to Sandy Rath.

(Transborder Queer Latin@Performativity) Showcase

April 28