Workplace, Organizational, and Leadership Communication

Organizations are constituted by and transformed through communication. Effective workplace communication and leadership are crucial elements of success in all types of organizations, businesses, and teams. This area of emphasis provides insight and training on the many ways that communication and leadership can build effective, just, and responsive workplaces.

This area of emphasis will prepare students for careers in business, consulting, sports management, social media, marketing, technology, human resources, civil service, research/development, conflict management, and leadership. Such careers could occur within small businesses, sports teams, multinational corporations, consulting firms, governmental agencies, educational institutions or non-profit organizations.

Some students also go on to graduate school in areas such as communication and business.

A. Required Core Courses:

COM 250

Communication in the Workplace

COM 450 Organizational Communication

B. Recommended Elective Courses:

COM 230 Small-Group Communication
COM 259 Communication, Business and the Professions
COM 312 Communication, Conflict, and Negotiation
COM 319 Persuasion/Social Influence
COM 377 Communication, Terrorism, and National Security
COM 400* Intercultural Business Communication
COM 414 Crisis Communication
COM 430 Leadership and Group Communication
COM 452 Communication and the Art of Happiness
COM 453 Communication Training and Development
COM 394 or
COM 494
Relevant Special Topics Courses