Communication, Creativity, and Performance

Communication, at its very core, is a creative enterprise. People must be able to adjust to ever-changing social conditions and diverse audiences to better advance inclusion and social engagement. To meet this challenge, this area of emphasis focuses on the performative nature of communication and the use of creative responses and aesthetic messages. This focus should effectively prepare students for careers in performing arts, event planning, teaching (pre-school, children, or adults), advertising, public relations, training and development, marketing, consulting, non-profit leadership and community organizing. 

Some students go on to graduate school in communication, the arts or many others.

A. Required Core Courses:

COM 241 Introduction to Oral Interpretation
COM 442 Identity, Performance, and Human Communication

B. Recommended Elective Courses

COM 194  

Special Topics:  Creativity and Communication
COM 281  Communication Activities 
COM 341     Social Contexts for Performance
COM 441  Performance Studies
COM 445   Narrative Performance
COM 446     Performance of Literature Written by Women
COM 394 or
COM 494  
Relevant Special Topics Courses