Communicating Across Cultures

Understanding how culture and communication intertwine is important to understanding and influencing events (both local and global) that shape our world. This emphasis promotes personal community involvement that can constructively respond to challenges and appreciate the advantages of an increasingly diverse society and world. This emphasis will prepare students who plan to pursue graduate school and/or careers in workplaces (large or small, for-profit or nonprofit) that involve, and/or deal with, diverse groups. Specific careers might include consulting, diplomacy, social media, marketing, technology, human resources, civil service, foreign service, conflict management, and global leadership.

Some students go on to graduate school in communication, business, global leadership or many others.

A. Required Core Courses: 

COM 263   Elements of Intercultural Communication 
COM 463    Intercultural Communication in a Global Context

B. Recommended Elective Courses:

COM 317    Nonverbal Communication
COM 327     Civil Communication
COM 394     Communication, Culture, and New Media
COM 442  Identity, Performance, and Human Communication
COM 465     Intercultural Communication Workshop 
COM 494*     Conflict and Intercultural Dialogue
COM 494*     Communication and Multicultural Organization
COM 394 or
COM 494    
Relevant Special Topics Courses