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Florencia Durón Delfín

Your Name: Florencia Durón Delfín

Pronouns: she/her

Please introduce yourself: Who are you and what are your research/teaching/activist interests?
My name is Florencia (feel free to call me flor or flo). I like creating art, performance, and facilitation. I’m interested in facilitating creative dialogues to cultivate brave and fun spaces that ultimately lead to supportive and thriving work environments. 

What are you passionate about?
My passion is to be free, enjoy life and love myself. I have a passion for practical information that offers useful perspectives on these topics – especially when it is entertaining to consume. Performance and deep human connection, often through conversation, contribute to my joy of life and are therefore passions of mine. 

And nature.  

And silliness. 

What does transformation mean to you?
It means change. Doing the scary thing despite the fear. Following and showing my heart. When I watch someone do the same, it is inspiring. Transformation and inspiration to me are synonyms. 

What do you value most about the Transformation Project?
Obviously the support – monetary and intellectual. The Transformation Project (TP) doesn’t shy away from investigating topics that others may consider “not academic enough” – like support, compassion, and transformation – yet are vital. TP values research that organizes support, compassion, and transformation. I value that practical approach! Lastly, TP is open to creativity – something I love!  

How has the Transformation Project supported you and your work in the past?
TP gave me money to purchase the technical gear (e.g., microphones, interface, mic stands) to start Should We Jam? a storytelling podcast featuring live music. They also helped fund my trip to Hawaii, where I collected data for my dissertation in collaboration with a company located on the Big Island. 

In what ways do you want to transform the future?
Hopefully, I can facilitate transformation by embodying compassion – the complete honoring and acceptance of what is as it is – simplicity, and beauty. It would be lovely to create beautiful work that moves or inspires people – even if it’s just a little. 

What is your favorite dessert (and can you share a recipe for it)?
The best dessert is the one closest to you! Lately, that has been the “honey buns”, by the brand Little Debbie, sold at Walmart. They are the most processed honey cinnamon rolls in the market. It goes great with a glass of milk :D.