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Did you know that sharing gratitude and kindness not only benefits the recipient, but also provides a happiness boost to the sender? Why not spread some "sunshine" to your fellow Sun Devils at Arizona State University?

Join us as we create an even better, brighter place to work.

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Did you know ...

Grateful people experience higher levels of positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism.1 

Shine some light on a coworker's consideration, time, effort or help. Not only will it make their day, but it can brighten yours too!

Use the helpful links above to learn more about the project, discover the benefits of expressing gratitude, send an expression of gratitude, or plan to give your own sunshine. To learn more about the Sunshine for Sun Devils Project, please contact Dr. Sarah Tracy at sarah.tracy@asu.edu .

More about the Sunshine Project and 'spreading sunshine'.

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