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new freshman studentThe first year at ASU and the Hugh Downs School of
Human Communication

The first year in college for a student can be an overwhelming experience, for a student and for a parent.

The information on this page is designed to be a resource to parents in helping your student through the transition to college life. Information on this page will be updated throughout the semester and may include deadlines, student life tips, or important topics. 

Together we can empower your son or daughter to achieve academic success at ASU!

Support for Student Success

Student Life

ASU students walking on campus

Students are encouraged to get involved on campus and in the community by participating in a club, group, or student organization. Students have the opportunity to meet new people, gain leadership experience, and participate in community service.
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On-Campus Living

students in residence hall

There are several on-campus living options for students at ASU. First-year students will benefit from living in a residential college along with students who share similar interests.
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In addition to financial aid packages available through ASU, the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication is proud to offer a range of scholarships and financial awards to our students.
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Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses

Freshman class block schedule

ASU freshmen are registered in classes in the first semester in a class block. Students in a class block share the same three classes with the same students. The class block develops a sense of community among students and helps build student-faculty connections. The rest of the student's schedule includes general education requirements such as math, English, humanities, social sciences or perhaps a foreign language.

Register or drop/add classes

There are deadlines to register or drop/add classes for each semester.

  • August 22, 2018 - last day to drop/add without college approval (session C)
  • October 31, 2018 - last day to withdraw from a session C class, but not withdrawing from all classes ("W" appears on the transcript for class withdrawn)
  • November 30, 2018 - last day to withdraw from all session C classes ("W" appears on the transcript for all classes withdrawn)

Changing fall class schedule

Students should not change fall schedule classes without speaking to an academic advisor, especially a freshman student with a fall block schedule. Financial aid and scholarships can be impacted by schedule changes. Students can use the MyASU page to schedule an advising appointment with an advisor to discuss schedule changes.

Important deadlines

All important deadlines for each semester and each session of classes are on the ASU academic calendar.

Deadlines may be different for sessions A, B, and C.

Consult with Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to determine any impact of schedule changes.

Student Tip #1 - READ

Student Tip #2 - STUDY

Student Tip #3 - MANAGE TIME


Asking for academic help

Help with study skills

icon-tutoringThe University Academic Success Programs office has academic mentors that can help a student adjust to college by learning to study.  The academic mentor can help a student learn to study efficiently, know where to study, teach a student how to outline text and how to take good class notes. 
Human Communication Academic Tutoring
ASU Academic Tutoring

Help with Math

icon-mathThe ASU Math Tutoring Centers on the Tempe campus offers free, in-person tutoring on a walk-in basis for mathematics, statistics and some math education courses.
Math Tutoring Center

Help writing

icon-writingASU has Writing Centers that offer students assistance with writing.  It is always a good idea for a student to have someone read a paper/assignment before handing it in. The specialists can offer suggestions for making a paper/assignment stronger. If a student needs more help with writing then a quick review, specialists are available to work with a student on an appointment basis.
ASU Writing Center

Help with foreign language

icon-worldFor foreign language tutoring, the School of International Letters and Culture at the Tempe campus offers tutoring sessions that are scheduled through the School's various language programs.
Foreign language tutoring sessions

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