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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I transfer my courses to ASU?
Students should transfer their courses to ASU as soon as they have a posted grade for the course. Information on transferring courses can be found here:

Why is my registration date so late?
Registration dates are determined by the number of credit hours completed. This date cannot be changed.

Can I take my courses online?
On-Campus students can take iCourses which are offered via the online format.

What is a Science and Society course?
Science and Society courses are required for anyone working towards a BS through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These courses can only be found through the Science and Society website

What is a 'related area' course?
Related Area courses are upper-division courses from any of the subjects found in the Related Area Courses section on our undergraduate resources page. On-campus students obtaining a BA or BS in Communication need three Related Area courses.

It says the class is 'reserved', what does that mean?
Reserved classes mean that only certain groups of students are able to enroll. Just because a course says it is reserved doesn't automatically mean you can't enroll in it.

It says I don't meet the prerequisites, what does that mean?
First, make sure you meet ALL of the prerequisites the course requires. Courses can have multiple prerequisites. If you meet all the prerequisites and are still getting this error message, contact your advisor.

Do I have to take ____ before I can take ____ or can I take them at the same time?
Courses that require a Prerequisite must have that Prerequisite complete before they can take that course. Courses that require a Corequisite can be taken at the same time.

How do I add a class?
Classes can be added during the scheduled enrollment period as well as the add/drop period. They can be added during those times through the registration link on your myASU page. Once the add/drop period has ended students wanting to add a course should speak to their Academic Advisor.

How do I drop a class?
Students can drop a course at any time during the add/drop period without penalty. After the add/drop period ends course drops become withdrawals. Students should always check the Academic Calendar to determine to add/drop dates and be aware that those dates are significantly shorter for Session A and Session B courses.

What is a 'withdrawal'?
Any course dropped after the official Add/Drop date is considered a withdrawal. A withdrawal will remove the student from the course with a grade of W. This grade has no impact on GPA but can have repercussions with regards to financial aid or on-campus housing. Students should always speak to their advisor prior to withdrawing from a course.