The purpose of the CGSA is to foster community among graduate students in The Hugh Downs School Interdisciplinary Graduate Program and any other ASU graduate student on any campus interested in the Communication discipline.  The CGSA also promotes interest in the academic, professional, and social well-being of all organizations' members in an effort to prepare for post-graduate school careers. The organization also represents the graduate students' needs and wants concerning their experience in HDSHC, the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA), the ASU administration, and other groups in the University and/or the local community.

The CGSA balances social, professional, fundraising and service events every academic year. Whether it's bowling, collecting clothing for homeless youth, or promoting professional events, the Communication Graduate Student Association (CGSA) knows how to stay active. With five officers and four liaisons, CGSA has worked hard to meet its goals of fostering community; promoting academic, professional and social wellbeing of graduate students; representing graduate student interests; and oh yeah, having lots of fun!

CGSA has events planned throughout the academic year to allow graduate students to get involved and interact with one another, as well as with faculty.

2021-2022 Officers
President:  Dacheng "DC" Zhang
Vice-President: Vacant
Recruitment Officer: LD Mattson
Treasurer: Vacant
Historian: Vacant
Records Officer: Vacant

2020-2021 Officers
President: Brianna Avalos
Vice-President: Marco Dehnert
Recruitment Officer: Bridget Liddell
Treasurer: Florencia Durón
Historian: Haley Schaaf
Records Officer: Kiki Van Essen

2019-2020 Officers
President: Laura Martinez
Vice-President: Brianna Avalos
Records Officer: Megan Stephenson
Recruitment Officer: Hayley Schaaf
Treasurer: Liahnna Stanley

2018-2019 Officers
President: Cris Tietsort
Vice-President: Kyle Hanners

Records Officer: Laura Martinez
Recruitment Officer: Tyler Rife
Recruitment Liaisons: Kevin Shufford and Kelsey Abele
Historian: Kyle Hanners

Treasurer: Corey Reutlinger

Past CGSA Officers

The Communication Graduate Student Association, CGSA, demonstrates its commitment to community service by organizing a fall service day each year to benefit students and staff of Crockett Elementary school in Phoenix. The Hugh Downs School's faculty and instructors and the undergraduate student organization, the Association of Human Communication (AHC), also participate with CGSA in the project.

Crockett Elementary is an under-funded elementary school in downtown Phoenix that serves African refugees, homeless, and underprivileged children. Crockett has a student population of 485 with 100% receiving free breakfast and lunch.

Crockett Elementary School Service Project