Spring 2022

COM691: Critical Communication Pedagogy
Instructor: Lore/tta LeMaster

COM691: Communication, Race, and Ethnicity 
Instructor: Abraham Khan 

COM691: The Culture of Health Disparities 
Instructor: Olga I. Davis 
This seminar explores the intersections of communication, culture, and the social determinants of health. The course will recognize the implications of health disparities within a contemporary context and through a culturally-centered epistemological lens. By centering on how health disparities inform and influence the lived experience of the health of underserved populations, this seminar will explore ways communication, culture, and media shape a health disparities phenomenon in the United States and thus the role of health communication scholars as agents of change. 

Fall 2021

COM 691: Critical Cultural Studies 
Instructor: Lore/tta LeMaster

COM692: Critical Performative Pedagogical Encounters 
Instructor: Lore/tta LeMaster

COM691: Questioning the Body
Instructor: Amira de la Garza