Spotlight and Stories

How much TP do you need?

Cindy Becker, HCI student and faculty, partners with Phoenix area Boys and Girls Clubs to teach a way to resolve conflict -forgiveness. The Forgiveness Tree Project dispels myths that we "forgive and forget" and instead teaches kids how communication is integral for both reconciliation and boundary-setting. Communities and relationships thrive when Communicating Forgiveness.

"What not to do", Colter Ray

Providing support to loved ones with cancer can be tricky. For anyone who struggles to find the right words for a loved one diagnosed with cancer, doctoral candidate Colter Ray advises that a good starting point is learning what to avoid.

"What would you do with $1 Million?" , Dr. Jonathan Pettigrew

Assistant professor Dr. Jonathan Pettigrew traveled to Nicaragua, Central America to answer that question.

"Embodying the true spirit of difference-making", Dr. Linda Lederman

Driven by a passion to educate people about alcoholism and recovery, Arizona State University professor Linda Lederman aims to make a difference in the lives of many by fighting the stigma of weakness and lack of willpower.

"Shave and a health check", Dr. Olga Davis

Barber Marvin Davis knows how high to cut his clients hair, knows when they’re due for a shave and when they aren’t feeling their best. “Barbers are looked upon as leaders in the African-American community.” stated Dr. Olga Davis.

"Studying the silence of concussions", Dr. Bradley Adame

When helmets clacked together during Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, the echoes might have been heard differently than in years past. Call it the concussion awareness effect.

Doctoral student awarded NCAA research grant, Lisa van Raalte

Lisa van Raalte's research project, "Evaluating Student-Athletes' Stress Coping Experiences in Their Academic and Athletic Lives: A Test of the Stress-Buffering Model," was awarded an NCAA grant to conduct research on student athletes.

"Resiliency the secret to better health, living", Dr. Olga Davis

Talk to 10 doctors or academics and you’ll get 10 different definitions of what the word “resilience” means. Olga Idriss Davis, associate professor, views resilience through the prism of community, not as an individual approach.

"ASU, Mayo alliance seeks to transform health care"

The pairing between the nation’s most innovative university and the world leader in patient care and research brings together all aspects of the field — including clinical, legal and administrative work — under one curriculum.

"The Forgiveness Tree Project", Dr. Vince Waldron, ASU West campus

Research conducted at Arizona State University tells us that people who learn to seek and grant forgiveness for harmful behavior are less angry, isolated and violent.