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HCI Spotlight and Stories

Spotlight and Stories

Research examines how students react to moral messages about COVID-19

According to data collected by a team of Arizona State University researchers, students struggle to balance the safety of vulnerable family members with the need for peer connection. 

ASU Now, December 10, 2020


ASU professor says clear messaging needed for COVID-19 pandemic                    

“Conflicting government messages have only exacerbated the widespread confusion about this worldwide pandemic,” said Arizona State University Associate Professor Bradley Adame, who studies crisis communication at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.
ASU Now, June 18, 2020


Perceived gender inequity in sport

Fewer girls participate in sports than their male peers. In fact, young women drop out of athletics by the age of 14 at a rate two times higher than boys. According to Assistant Professor Alaina Zanin, the reasons are varied.

ASU Now, March 5, 2020


Recovery from addiction … one conversation at a time

“In the Hugh Downs School we study communication in everyday life,” said Professor Linda C. Lederman. “And one of the ways we look at communication is in the context of health.  Not just health care, but all health issues, and addiction these days is a big health issue. Despite its prevalence across all segments of society, stigma is one of the most common barriers to treatment of alcoholism.” 

ASU Now, September 26, 2019

Shave and a health check

Barber Marvin Davis knows how high to cut his clients' hair, knows when they’re due for a shave and when they aren’t feeling their best. “Barbers are looked upon as leaders in the African-American community,” stated Professor Olga Davis.

"Shave and a health check" - March 31, 2016

Resiliency is the secret to better health, living

Talk to 10 doctors or academics and you’ll get 10 different definitions of what the word “resilience” means. Professor Olga Idriss Davis views resilience through the prism of community, not as an individual approach.

"Resiliency the secret to better health, living" - November 24, 2015