A Virtual Workshop Series by:

The Transformation Project
Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
The National Communication Association


Are you or your doctoral students interested in cultivating opportunities in pursuing careers outside of traditional academic jobs? If so, this workshop series is for you. 

These workshops aim to highlight the career paths and stories of communication PhDs who hold positions in corporate, nonprofit, administrative, health, and consulting work.  Join us at this conversation on #AltAC focused on exploring different career options for Communication PhDs led by top communication professionals and researchers.  

Whether you are a recent PhD graduate, are currently working on your PhD, or have been working in either academia or the professional world--this workshop series will be useful to you as it offers hands-on conversations on alternative academic careers.

Organized by Sarah J. TracyProfessor and Director of The Transformation Project, and Marco Dehnert, Doctoral Student, Arizona State University.

Workshops Included:

Tuesday, April 6 | #AltAC: From Academy to Industry


Christine E. Kiesinger  

Workshop Title: Leaving Home: Finding Place, Purpose and Possibilities Outside the Walls of Academia

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Eric D. Waters

Workshop Title: Making Meaning Matter for Business: Pracademic Preparation for the Uncertainties and Realities of the New Academic Economy 

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Friday, April 9 | #AltAC: On Being a Professional Researcher


Nancy Baym

Workshop Title: So you’d like your research to shape technology rather than respond to it?

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Melinda Rea-Holloway

Workshop Title: Notes from a professional people watcher: Turning nosiness into a career 

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Tuesday, April 13 | #AltAC: “Pracademics” and Administrators: At the Intersections of Academy and Industry

Nicole L. Martin

Workshop Title: “I Made It Up:” (Re)Imagining What’s Possible with a PhD in the Academy

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Rahul Mitra

Workshop Title: Cultivating a Skill Set that Sets up Success in an #AltAC Career

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