Works in Progress

Relationship initiation on LGBTQIA+ dating apps: Motivations, outcomes, and implications for well-being

By Dr. Liesel Sharabi, Lucy Niess*, & Cassandra Ryder

This research project is focusing on the ways in which LGBTQIA+ dating app users assess motivations, outcomes, and implications for personal well-being. By focusing on collaboration and support between the research team, this project was formed during Transformation Project meetings due to similar interests. 

Submitted to: IARR 2022

Avoiding, ignoring, and blocking: Navigating ghosted adult friendships through computer-mediated communication

By Brianna L. Avalos* & Dr. Liesel Sharabi

This research project will have the opportunity to measure loneliness, attachment styles, and perceptions of ghosting regarding a terminated friendship. This research project will be able to evaluate any possible correlations as well as focus on young adults’ perceptions of ghosting and friendship termination styles. Another purpose of this research project is to renew and transform the interpersonal communication discipline by focusing on different relational dyads (i.e., friendships) by extending the relational dissolution model with a specific focus on computer-mediated communication. The main rationale for this research project is to begin focusing on interpersonal dyads from a friendship perspective. The reasoning for this research project will be able to additionally measure the impacts of loneliness as well as examine any relation towards ones’ attachment style.

Submitted to: WSCA 2022