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Transformation Project Faculty


Jess Alberts

Jess Alberts, President's Professor, focuses on conflict in personal and professional relationships. She is particularly interested in marital disagreements, how couples divide up domestic chores, and how they conduct their daily interactions. In addition, she explores ways to reduce workplace bullying and to improve legal negotiations and community mediation practices. Because of her experiences studying (and participating in) marital conflict, she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss how couples can fight and complain more effectively.



Benjamin Broome

Benjamin Broome, a professor, is an intercultural communication scholar whose work centers on the theory and practice of sustainable dialogue and its role in peacebuilding. His research is focused on finding ways to help groups, organizations, and communities respond to conflict through dialogue rather than violence. To do this, he and his colleagues have developed consensus-based processes that allow groups in conflict to move beyond the differences that divide them. By helping them envision a collective future, they are able to work together in realizing joint goals.

Professor Broome has facilitated dozens of workshops in North America, Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, and Australasia. Educational institutions, government agencies, professional organizations, large corporations, and Native American Tribes have sought his assistance. Much of his work over the past two decades has focused on peacebuilding efforts in Cyprus, where he was initially a U.S. Fulbright scholar and later worked with the United Nations Development Program and several diplomatic missions.


Sarah J. Tracy

Sarah J. Tracy, a professor, studies stressful workplace issues such as burnout, work-life balance, faking emotions, and workplace bullying, as well as positive types of communication such as compassion, engagement, and generosity.  By hanging out in the backstage areas of organizations and talking to employees, she has provided insight on correctional officers, cruise ship activity directors, 911-call takers, and medical staff.  She works with a vibrant group of professors, graduate students, and community members as co-director of The Transformation Project, examining new possibilities related to collaboration, health, and work-life wellness.  She is the author of two books (on organizational change and another on research methods) and more than 60 published essays. Her favorite courses to teach include “Communication and The Art of Happiness,” “Emotion and Organizations," "Being a Leader" and "Advanced Qualitative Research Methods."  Professor Tracy aims to develop peoples’ 'on the court' practice in their work, scholarship, and life—where they not only learn 'about' but also learn 'to be.'

Linda Lederman, professor and director of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
Uttaran Dutta, assistant professor at Arizona State University
Heewon Kim, assistant professor at Arizona State University
Elissa Adame, assistant research professor at Arizona State University
Alaina Zanin, assistant professor at Arizona State University
Heather Elaine Canary (alumna), associate professor at San Diego State University 
Emily Cripe (alumna), assistant professor at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth K. Eger (alumna), assistant professor at Texas State University
Kendra Knight (alumna), assistant professor at DePaul University
Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik (alumna), associate professor at North Dakota State University
Yvonne Montoya (alumna), assistant professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo
Sarah Riforgiate (alumna), assistant professor at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee 
Kendra Rivera (alumna), associate professor at California State University San Marcos
Amy Way (alumna), assistant professor at Villanova University
Charee M. Thompson (alumna), assistant professor at Ohio University
Jennifer Scarduzio (Alumna), assistant professor at University of Kentucky
Shawna Malvini Redden (alumna), assistant professor at Sacramento State
Leslie Ramos Salazar (alumna), assistant professor at West Texas A&M University
Tim Huffman (alumnus), assistant professor at St. Louis University
Justin Boren (alumnus), associate professor at Santa Clara University
Lou Clark (alumna), assistant professor and director of Clinical Skills at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences