Human Communication Honors Program

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The Hugh Downs School

Communication Honors Program 

We are proud to attract many of the best and brightest students!

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication (HDSHC) welcomes all Barrett students.  Whether you are a communication major, minor, or taking our classes as electives, we would like to help you chart your pathway of excellence in our program.

Each honors student in the Hugh Downs School selects a program of study that mixes core requirements and electives. Information regarding Honors Enrichment Contracts, thesis planning, and course registration, selecting a thesis advisor/director, and much more is available. This program of study is best developed with time spent discussing your interests with your COM advisors, Barrett advisors, and your HDSHC faculty honors advisors.  All work with you to help you make the most out of your Honors Program experience. 

Barrett, The Honors College, has been named “Best Honors College” in the nation. To learn more about what the honors college has to offer, the requirements for acceptance and how to apply, be sure to visit