Health Communication is a vibrant and important field of study concerned with the ways in which humans communicate in social and mediated contexts to advance health care delivery and health promotion. Health communication is conceptualized as the central source for exploration, delivery, and practice of communication messages and seeks to advance cultural processes that develop healthy individuals, relationships, communities, and global populations.  

Our approach to Health Communication adopts a translational and transdisciplinary perspective supporting research practice that is community-engaged, globally sustainable, and culturally innovative in offering solutions to the dilemmas and complexities in promoting quality health care for all. Our faculty is engaged in a wide range of research, teaching, and service opportunities that reflect the role of communication in advancing population health care and public health domains.

Through our varied approaches, we produce a variety of important research products and practical outcomes, including scholarly articles and books, public performances, and transformative practices. Our faculty have already established a solid record of funded research and have amassed an impressive track record of published articles and books on health communication topics.