Studying Intercultural Communication and Cultural Studies

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication places a strong emphasis on both global engagement and social embeddedness. The study of intercultural communication is a key component of our efforts to better understand the dynamics of global and local events that shape our modern world.  Through our research and practice, we seek to promote greater community involvement to find ways we can respond constructively to the challenges and to appreciate the advantages of an increasingly diverse society.

Our research priorities emphasize the innovative work of faculty in areas including the use of communication technologies to facilitate intercultural contact and connections; challenges of intercultural transitions; ways to enhance cultural sensitivity in international development; keys to overcoming health disparities; complexities of intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding; how cultural identities are performed and created, understanding and sharing the voices of underserved and underrepresented communities; and mapping the intricacies of intercultural relationships.

Through our scholarship of discovery and applied projects, we strive to position our school as a top global program in intercultural communication through our impact on our communities, state, nation, and the world.